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The Perfect (easy to peel) Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are packed with nutrition and a great combination of fats and protein, making them an easy option to grab on the go to keep you full and satisfied. Cooking the perfect boiled egg which is easy to peel is all about the timing and the ice at the...

Hand Size Portion Control

In Clean Kitchen, we do not count calories. Because when people eat, we are not looking at our plate knowing exactly how many “calories” we are eating. We eat portions of food, not counted out macronutrients. No calculators, no adding up your macros. Just simply use you hand size as...

Cheap Week Meal Plan: $2.10 per meal

This was a meal prep menu built strictly for one purpose. Get it done cheap. Healthy eating is for EVERYONE. Not just for those who have the perfect meal plan or the means to buy the freshest, specialty ingredients. Keep reading. You can also download the full meal prep menu,...

Lifestyle Habit #3: Eat More Protein

Clean Kitchen has 4 Big Lifestyle Habits we teach in our 12 week program. Habit #1 is Drink More Water. Habit #2 is Eat More Plants. Lifestyle Habit #3 is … Eat a protein serving in every meal. One of our goals in the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge is...