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Fall 2017 Progress Photos

Fall 2017 Progress Photos

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The numbers and pictures are impressive. But even more impressive is the life changed behind these pictures and numbers! And the way we change people is slowly. In the Clean Kitchen challenge we slowly teach habits, strategies, and re-train their brains to think outside of gimmick diets and super complicated meal plans. We don't count macros, we teach people to prepare and eat FOOD. We coach people into a better relationship with food and their body. It is hard to put in words what we "do," but one fact is our clients leave the challenge prepared, confident, a little lighter, and ready to really live life! Twenty-seven clients sent in progress pictures. In these pictures below you are seeing

427.4 pounds LOST and 412.5 inches GONE!

But those that only sent in measurements and weight added to that number in a BIG way.

Fall 2017 Challenge Totals:

865.2 pounds LOST and 679.6 inches GONE!

And that is not even everyone included!

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Client1-WInner Our First place winner of $1000!
client6 Our second place winner of a $100 gift card from Corner Market!
clietn17 Our third place winner of a J. Olive Co. oil and vinegar pairing!
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