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May 5 – April 20, 2019

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Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge is a coach-led, online 12 week nutrition lifestyle coaching program, designed to change your eating and lifestyle habits, and as a result, your body as well. We primarily coach lifestyle habits, planning and cooking strategies, and recipes to inspire our clients to make better food choices and implement healthy daily habits.

Planning and prepping are our focus, with daily lessons and accountability through your coach, we get you consistently doing healthy lifestyle habits. The program is run through the Clean Kitchen Client Web App where clients receive all the daily lessons, habits and assignments, and contact with your personal coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client Progress Pictures

How is Clean Kitchen different?

This is a completely ONLINE course through our CK Client Web App. Anyone, any city, anywhere can do this program. Email with any questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers about the challenge!

Now there are TWO ways you can pay for your Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge!
Option 1: $250 one-time payment.
Use this one-time payment and save!
Option 2: Three month draft of $99 per month.
Set up to pay 3 payments of $99 per month.

How do you win $1000?

You have the opportunity to WIN $1000! The winner of the challenge will be voted on by your fellow CK Challenge classmates and coaches. Check out all the details below.

1: To be in the running to win, you must take monthly progress pictures. At the end of the program, you will turn in your week 1 picture to be compared to the week 12 picture. *These pictures will not be shared without your consent.

2: In a private voting form, each client will vote for the picture they think made the most change. Who ever gets the most votes WINS $1000! 

Here is a sampling of client progress pictures and testimonies (well, those who gave us permission to blast!) and we are oh-so-proud! And that was only 12 weeks! We can not wait to see more progress pictures in the future!

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10 thoughts on “Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge

  1. Hi Jaime…been thinking about doing your CK! Looks like registration may have ended at 1:00…. Any exceptions? May I still sign up? If so, tell me how.
    Thank you!
    My husband and I started working out with Nathan at Thames twice a week in May. So happy to be back!

  2. Jessica DeClement

    Hey Jamie! I’m considering doing the winter clean kitchen challenge and I’m not currently signed up for the gym. Does this price include your gym fee or is that extra?

    • Submitting progress pictures is optional! Not a requirement at all. But we do encourage everyone to take some form of progress measurements, whether that be actual measurements, clothing sizes, and/or progress pictures. It’s not something you have to show anyone. Many clients keep pictures for their eyes only! As far as a private challenge, the 12 Week Challenge is already very private. You get your own coach and private CK app account. We do not share any of your information with anyone. The pictures and testimonies you see here on the blog were sent in by clients who wanted to share their experiences. Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  3. Cherryl

    I am very interested in the new challenge but have a girls get away to New York and having a knee replacement during this time frame. Will my coach work with me during this time?

    • Of course! The challenge is completely online and your Coach contact is constant throughout the program. The challenge does not interfere with travel plans! Your coach will help you through your travels and anything in between 🙂

    • There was a “1” missing from July 15 🙂 Sorry about that typo but thanks for catching it! The challenge runs actually 13 weeks, the first week actually being “setup” week. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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