Happy New Year!


NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Do not let another excuse get the best of you!

If you have been thinking about “maybe doing the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge,” now is the time to sign up! From now through the end of Jan 1, 2016 use promo code “JAN16” to receive 10% the full price of our 12 Week Challenge! This deal will expire Jan 1, 2016 at 11:59 PM!
Sign up here: https://versus.frontdeskhq.com/events/1070257

ANYONE can do this. Even if you live in Alaska.

We are completely online. You have the Versus Strength & Conditioning coaches at your finger tips, even if you are not a member of Versus!

Versus Members, you get your membership bumped up to UNLIMITED classes for the entire 12 weeks!! *You must at least have a 2-day week membership to be eligible.

Still on the fence?
You need to think of this as an investment in yourself. CK will teach you how to live and eat healthy for life. Only by living this way will you guarantee yourself to be healthy, look healthy, and never have another New Year’s resolution to “get healthy.”

Check our blog for free tips and recipes on vsccleankitchen.com or on Instagram @vsccleankitchen!


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