Amy Edwards



You can make a change no matter where you start. Check out Amy’s transformation once she decided to take control of her eating habits.

Amy Edwards, 42, mom of 2. When she started Versus classes (Sept 2012) she weighed 145, lost 8 pounds just from changing her activity level, then results slowed no matter how much she worked out. When the 2015 I Am Versus 6 week challenge (Versus member nutrition challenge by CK coaches) came around in January, we convinced her changing her diet would would be the game changer for her results, and it did just that. Amy lost an additional 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

From January 2015 to June 2015 she has lost over 10 inches from her body, gone from a size 10-8 to a size 4. She now weighs 127 pounds with some awesome muscle to go with it! By using our nutrition coaching principles we teach at VSC Clean Kitchen, she continues to make progress through living her new lifestyle and clean eating habits. We are so proud of you Amy!!!


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